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Freitag, 21. Oktober 2011

Hizbullah - not a progressive party

There is a great minister in Lebanon: his name if Sharbil Nahhas. You won't hear about him because he is a brilliant leftist economist who has been trying to reverse the Hariri-Sanyura capitalist monopolisitc path of Lebanese economy. He now holds the Ministry of Labor and has been ambitious to call for free health care for all Lebanese. Yet, his reform plans encounter stiff opposition from the Lebanese billionaire prime minister. Hizbullah does not want to be bothered and it is even more sympathetic to the opponents of Nahhas's plans. This is yet another example that Hizbullah, contrary to its reputation among some Western leftists, is not a progressive party by any means. In fact, it is pro-capitalism and its former Minister of Energy, Muhammad Fnaysh, prepared a privatization for Lebanon's electric power resources that met with approval from the Haririte establishment.
Via AngryArab, Hervorhebung durch mich.

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